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Protect your home and remain safe driving with our comprehensive auto insurance plans. You’ll find affordable rates that meet your needs.

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You’ve worked hard to build your business. Trust us to protect it. Get personalized consultations and policies that meet your specific commercial needs.

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Planning for the unexpected can help protect your loved ones from financial devastation. With our flexible office hours, you can come in anytime to talk to our agents.

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Get personalized service for all needs, including homeowners insurance, bonds, and health insurance. Call us today for recommendations.

Investing In An Independent Agency Saves Money

When you buy insurance from Perkins Insurance Agency, Inc. you get personalized service. That means your agent will work with you to find the best plans from multiple companies.  We help to save you money.

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Wayne Mutual Insurance Company
Grange Insurance
Western Reserve Group
Westfield Insurance
Travelers Insurance

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